Joining ISR and/or FTC Headquarters

We have few Rules:
1. No Drama, be considerate to Guildmates, Citizens, and usually to others.
2. If drama or misbehavior, see rule #1.
Joining the City:
Simply complete the application on the Apply to Join page, adding any comments or questions you have to the Notes section. When you complete that form the system will notify our members and one will review and authorize your membership. You'll get an email reply with a link back to which you can set your password for members access to the Members list page of the site. You'll be contacted to set up a time to meet in game to set permissions to place structures.
Structures near city center must be Naboo style, but out from the center you can place what you want. Factories should also be away from city center.
For now, city taxes are voluntary. Contributions are made to the treasury by citizens. The city terminal is in the left room in city hall, and citizens can check treasury balance and maintenance costs.
The city specializes as a Research Center which provides a chance advantage to crafting experimentation. FTC Headquarters is factionless. We don't subscribe to a particular faction and invite citizens from either.
Email the mayor with requests for special decorations or trainers.
Most citizens are occasional players, but we anticipate activities of the ISR guild to pick up in coming months.
Joining the Imperial Sector Rangers:
Make friends with someone in the guild if you don't already know an ISR member or FTC citizen. Complete the Application form which will be forwarded for consideration. It helps when a guild member provides endorsement.
Generally, you'll be given the guild tag and Members permission on our website.
That's it. Fill out an application and hold on for some fun and adventure.


About Federated Trading Company

FTC Headquarters City and Imperial Sector Rangers make up our community. We co-exist under the same adminstration. Our guild leader, mayor and council work together to bring a stable and fun experience to our members.
The Federated Trading Company has been one of the oldest groups in SWG, having started as a players association, then a city, about a year after the original start of the Chilastra galaxy. After SWG closed some members revived FTC to continue in SWGEMU. As such, the city maintains its original status and purpose, to provide a welcoming casual environment to responsible players. Our focus is for both crafters or adventurers, though we maintain Research Center as the city's specialization.
Our position is faction-neutral both earlier and presently for the city. That is, we have no expection for either of the player factions; it's up to each individual. Accordingly there are no plans to maintain faction bases.
Taxes are not an issue at the present. We fund the city through voluntary contributions to the treasury from citizen players. As a result there are no taxes or fees imposed on our citizens, except for the garage. Accordingly we can welcome even a brand new player whose cash flow is undeveloped, or the occasional player whose income is unpredictable. This method will be continued as long as the city remains funded. Players requesting special decorations or trainers may be asked to contribute regularly toward the maintenance expense of those decorations.
City courtesy is always appreciated. Besides not expecting citizens to exhibit malicious behavior towards other citizens, we ask that citizens who are leaving the game have the courtesy to remove their structures and vendors, if any. Of course this request is not enforcable, but we hope to earn enough good will among citizens that those leaving will honor the request as a gesture of good will.
This Website
The wsbsite is set as a tool for us to consolidate shared information, which at present is just the members list showing their alt characters. The Resources function on this site reflects the published reports from both SWGCraft Project and Galaxy Harvester, and updates twice a day. There are other functions it has delivered in the past that can be re-activated, so don't be shy to ask if you need something here.
There's a link to drop a quick message to the Webmaster at the bottom of each page.